RadioShack was an inseparable part of the U.S. life for more than 90 years – that was practically the only place where it was possible to find highly technological product for home or business. There thousands and millions of people were searching for perfect tech savvy present – it was a unique place where you could find something original, that cannot be found anywhere else.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a little ways down the road. The official date, confirmed by Verizon, is April 10th, however, till this moment any other largest carrier in the U.S. didn’t comment the future reveal of the new flagship of Samsung.

Galaxy A and E mobile devices can hardly be compared with such flagships as the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note. However, they are more elegant and well-thought-out than many could expect from a corporation that produces thousands of mobile devices, many of which are low-end. Despite the fact that A and E series of Galaxy line do not pretend to be the best devices in the sphere, they please the eye and very convenient to use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is a hinge of the conversations of admirers of powerful smartphones today and teaser images and videos only put the wind in them. From the videos it is understandable that here much prominence will be given to the 16 megapixels camera as all information that we can get concerns the possibilities of the camera of the future flagship product.

Creating reminders with help of little notes written to yourself is a tried-and-true method however, the means of taking notes transformed from a pencil and paper to apps that save your notes on the handheld devices. Here you will find a comparison of two note taking apps with pretty the same set of functions but with certain differences: Google Keep and ColorNote. What app will meet all your requirements? What set of features is more helpful for you?

All major U.S. carriers propose various equipment installment plans that all users duly appreciate. One of the main reasons of the plan’s popularity is that users don’t have to spend money to purchase the device as they have a possibility to use smartphones they want when they sign a contract for two years.

The cascade of winter holidays is at hand and it is time to get ready for them. One of our the most favorite holidays is St Valentine’s Day, however, it is also one of the most challenging, because it has to be perfect. This list of mobile applications will help you to plan the best holiday ever:

So, you are considering buying a smartphone (who does not today?). In the whole huge smartphone market today there are plenty of choices depending on your preferences and needs concerning phone’s characteristics, hard- and software offered. Here you can read a brief comparison of two models that are pretty popular today. Hopefully, this will help you make an optimal choice.

Social media plays a great role in today’s life – seems that it is impossible to find a person without an account on social media – and in most cases, there are several accounts – Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram – these are the most popular sites, still, there are dozens of others, not to mention IM chats and chat rooms. Of course, children are not the exception – the average age of the social media users youthens every year.

ASUS company has pioneered the handheld computers, but it did not help it to make a smooth transition to creating smartphones. For some time the manufacturer took a break, but only to return with a new strategy of conquering the market of smart phones. They reasonably decided that it is better to start with the price, but do it with an eye on functionality.