Let us admit that we live in the world that resembles a futuristic world in the imagination of people in 1950s. Our smartphone is a kind of pocket-sized computer that has become an inevitable part of our life but at any moment your handheld gadget can become your worst enemy. How?


  1.  The phone can track what you are typing on the PC keyboard. We are not joking. Scientists of Georgia Tech created a program that distinguishes keystrokes according to the distance between keyboard and a phone and resounding of buttons through the desk. All phones that have enough level of motion sensitivity are able to define all keystrokes you make. Good news is – simply do not put your smartphone near the keyboard and all your typing will remain secret to others.Spying Tool
  2. Someone can steal your credit card info with help of smartphone. However, owners of credit cards, for the most part, can catch a break - this danger concerns contactless cards. As for this kind of cards, if you keep it in the pocket, be ready that someone can read info from it by approaching to you with a smartphone with help of special scanning program. There is a salvation: keep your cards in the wallet. Creator of the program Eddie Lee showed the possibilities of this program, that includes sharing of your credit card information with others.
  3. Fake cellphone charging kiosk is waiting for you. Sometimes that “free” chargers exist with a single purpose: to fill in your phone with a malware and steal your personal information. In 2011 at a hackers’ conference more than 350 people become victims of the fake charging kiosk. That is what we call cruel irony. How to avoid it? Take the charging cord with you and use old school electrical way.
  4. Fake cell towers. At the University of Luxembourg scientists have created special device that acts like a cell tower and gathers all information that can be accessed with help of radio processor of the phone.
  5. Spies can create a whole 3D scene of the place where you are now with help of your smartphone. Software called PlaceRaider showed great results of showing the insights of the building the smartphones were in. This software requires access to the camera of the phone and thoroughly picks detailed images of the apartment.