Social media plays a great role in today’s life – seems that it is impossible to find a person without an account on social media – and in most cases, there are several accounts – Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram – these are the most popular sites, still, there are dozens of others, not to mention IM chats and chat rooms. Of course, children are not the exception – the average age of the social media users youthens every year.

internet safetyIt is a well-known fact that the minimal age to create an account is 13 years. However, are you sure that your kid hasn’t create an account earlier without you knowing?

Some parents do not pay attention to kids’ online activities, and how wrong they are! Pallid statistics states that 55% of all teens who use social media have witnessed acts of cyberbullying or became victims of it. And a half of them admit that they have never confided to parents when they were targets of cyberbullies. 

Moreover, often victims try to fight back and use the same methods as cyberbullies and became aggressors themselves. In future, victims of cyberbullying suffer from low self-esteem and in some cases it can result in suicide. Do you want your child to suffer from it?

The other danger is increased activity of online predators. Social media and public chat rooms are an ideal place for them to find victims. Take into consideration that there are almost 800,000 registered sex offenders in the U.S. only and God only knows how many unregistered are there. Anonymity proposed by the Internet opens the door for them and with at least 95% of American teens aged 12-17 having access to the Internet they are always able to find a victim. Mind that more than 20% of online predators’ victims were aged 10-12 years old. And all that happened because children’s activities online were left without supervision of parents.

We believe that it is time to rethink your attitude to kids’ online monitoring and protect them from possible online threats.