For sure, technologies have made our life much easier and convenient than it used to be some fifteen to twenty years ago. One of the things mobile devices made easier is keeping the lists of tasks you have to accomplish and keep in memory, and rather than taking it down in a moleskin or notebook you can choose an app for your device and have everything there.There are plenty of todo apps for Android out there in the market (as well as for iOS), but one of the most popular and cherished is Todoist.

As always, everything depends on your personal preferences and needs, and based on the functions and opportunities, and the need you have there is a chance to choose whatever app suits you. But we proceed with Todoist updates and new opportunities it will provide the users.

The new version of Todoist is supporting the Android Wear and it means the app will include voice control and the ‘push’ to wrist option for all the tasks. This means, when the wearables will be more widespread there would be no need to switch to another application – you could use your favorite Todoist on each and every device.

How to use the voice control for Todoist? You will learn pretty fast – ask Android Wear to ‘Start Todoist’ and ‘Add Task’ to create a new one. In fact the voice usage will not differ much from your traditional usage at computer or mobile phone, but adding the tasks to the wrist will be more convenient task to accomplish from desktop or mobile phone.

With the Android Wear support Todoist will be a convenient app for outdoor activities like shopping with lists or other complicated tasks. The notification Todoist is now sending are much more convenient for wrist devices, as they no longer look like generic messages. Swiping would give you a lot more options and opportunities to use in the task, and even more would be added with the Premium access to be unlocked.