Samsung Galaxy S6 is a hinge of the conversations of admirers of powerful smartphones today and teaser images and videos only put the wind in them. From the videos it is understandable that here much prominence will be given to the 16 megapixels camera as all information that we can get concerns the possibilities of the camera of the future flagship product.

One of the distinctive features of Samsung devices is a great functionality and effectiveness combined with relatively weak camera possibilities. However, with appearance of Samsung Galaxy S6 this tendency will be broken as this device won’t resemble previous models of mobile devices as this device was designed from the off.

Samsung S6New Galaxy has its own Twitter account and it is obvious from tweets taken from there that this device will surpass the camera of Galaxy Note 4, that at the moment holds the garland of victory with the best camera Samsung device has.  Today’s flagship of Samsung has a great set of features and modes, but the forthcoming Galaxy is expected to excel it.

One of the most important expectations of Galaxy S6 is a hardware-based optical stabilization as the previous model of this line of product has a software-based stabilization and the quality of images was not as high as it could be. Judging from teaser images the level of low-performance will be improved. At least, this photo calls to mind two suggestions: the photo can be a scaled version of the image made by the new camera of the device or it is a new mode of snapping pictures that compensates brightness to make the image more detailed.  Any variant is great as it will boost the level of photos taken by new camera. And combined with new Android Lolipop camera api Galaxy S6 will become a device hard to compete with, so HTC and LG, main rivals of Samsung will have to strain every nerve in order to succeed the level of new device’s quality.