Today it is hard to find the device that cannot be charged with help of a battery pack. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player – all that can be charged with help of the batteries and it is possible to find various chargers at the market. With the development of the technologies and implementations of different devices into our life, battery packs became an inevitable part of it. Some battery packs work greatly, others are not as good, but the start jumper and smartphone charger by Anker proposes one of the best solutions at the moment.

With help of the Compact Car Jumper (cost $79) it is possible to charge two USB-connected devices and to jump start the car. Another useful feature of the device is that it has a flashlight that will come in handy if you have to start the car in the darkness. The device has a regular wall charger and a car charger, what is more convenient, as it is specially aimed to stay in the car for all the time. An 18-month warranty guarantees that the charger will operate with the maximum effectiveness.

Charger by AnkerAnker is a well-known brand of battery packs and their new proposition of the battery pack that can jump start the car will be duly appreciated by all car owners. This device is compact and productive – it can be hidden from view to the glove box until you need it.

As for the price of the device, it is one of the lowest in the industry - $79.99, while the prices of the same products in this category start from $99.99. More than that, there is also a possibility to get a discount and save up to $20. Obviously, this offer is more than appealing thanks to the price, brand and the level of quality of the device. The product is also included to Amazon Prime and according to this it can be shipped to you the next day, and this service costs $3.99 only.