Galaxy A and E mobile devices can hardly be compared with such flagships as the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note. However, they are more elegant and well-thought-out than many could expect from a corporation that produces thousands of mobile devices, many of which are low-end. Despite the fact that A and E series of Galaxy line do not pretend to be the best devices in the sphere, they please the eye and very convenient to use.

Samsung phonesSamsung is well-known for the ability to create devices that are not just good-looking but effective and productive, that is why they implement new helpful technologies to the handsets of any range. New upgraded version of the A and E series – Galaxy A5, A7, E5 and E7 will have LifeVibe VoiceExperience software. This NXP software product is known for using ‘Always Clear Voice Audio Control’ technology.

As a result, the devices will supplement the top-most quality of voice calls, no matter how noisy the environment is and no matter what kind of calls user makes. With help of this technology the smartphone will be able to fulfill its main function – to make calls and it will get the most of it.

Many developers and producers of smartphones are so excited by the possibilities of smartphones that they almost forget about the fact that literally all smartphones are phones first and then they are pocket computers. Focusing on the voice quality during calling reminds us about the main assignment of handheld devices.

The upcoming devices are fitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, 410 for A5, E5, and E7 and 615 for A7. According to the two types of chipsets – 615 and Exynos 5 octa-core chip, the A7 model will be available with single and dual sim support. Thanks to the embedded technology, the devices will be especially goof at microphone noise suppression and echo cancellation.