The fall season was, as always, full of surprises and interviews that announced the future novelties and products to look forward to the next year to come. Samsung company was not the exception this autumn and beside from other good things they have announced a Galaxy S5 and revealed some basic information about this smartphone which are in fact pretty exciting. So, prepare to soon meet and love even though it is not released yet – Samsung Galaxy S5!

So, there was a Galaxy S5 Info show where the new model was announced and discussed, and the photos that appeared at the show are presenting a device with shiny and sleek looks, just like any other one created by Samsung. In fact, there are no exact press releases on what and when is going to come to the market as a following the legendary Galaxy S4, the following are real details on the conceptual design of the smartphone that you can already be waiting on.

The first and the main thing that is noticeable about the Galaxy S5 is its screen – it looks curved on the sides, and this is possible with the OLED YOUM display technology. The usage of the latter allows eliminating the usage of physical buttons on the sides of the phone – there would yet be a power button at the top of the device, and they promise to add some LED to it for visual notifications.

If you are not very careful with your device, S5 will be perfect for you as they promise to make it an aluminum unibody construction that would be shock- and waterproof. There would as well be a fingerprint sensor and Android 5.0 (or KitKat). A  16MP rear-facing camera with a Carl Zeiss sensor and a dual Xenon LED flash 2GHz Exynos 5 OctaCore processor, 3GB of RAM, a 3.200mAh battery would definitely be a pleasant combination for all those who adore technologies and flawless performance in any situation.