RadioShack was an inseparable part of the U.S. life for more than 90 years – that was practically the only place where it was possible to find highly technological product for home or business. There thousands and millions of people were searching for perfect tech savvy present – it was a unique place where you could find something original, that cannot be found anywhere else.

ORadioShackne of the concerning features of RadioShack was constant need to give personal information that included phone number, address and email with every purchase you made there. Afterwards they sent catalogs and promotional sales as a compensation for collecting customers’ personal information.
And today our personal information becomes a top-lot of the auction. Just imagine, all information collected by 4,100 stores of the U.S. and around 300 stores in Mexico and Asia will be sold to the company that will offer the highest price. And these are more than 13 million email addresses and 65 million names and home addresses, if you please. To get the situation even worse, there is a possibility that phone numbers and shopping habits can be included to the list of auction lots.

At the moment the auction is considered to be completed and Standard General, the largest shareholder of RadioShack, seems to win it. In cooperation with Sprint Corp. Standard General is going to own more than 2 thousands of stores, and Sprint Mobile will own 160 stores.

The deal is not approved by the bankruptcy court, and, what is more important, RadioShack will have to search for legal ways to sell customer data without violation of law and privacy policies as the company always stated that they wouldn’t sell private mailing lists.

Taking into consideration the facts that there were auctions with customer data lots already and such deals were allowed by courts, it is possible to state that personal information of RadioShack customers will be sold to Standard General.

Thus it is clear, that it would be a sound solution to keep your private information private – without sharing it on the Internet.