Creating reminders with help of little notes written to yourself is a tried-and-true method however, the means of taking notes transformed from a pencil and paper to apps that save your notes on the handheld devices. Here you will find a comparison of two note taking apps with pretty the same set of functions but with certain differences: Google Keep and ColorNote. What app will meet all your requirements? What set of features is more helpful for you?

Google Keep

Google KeepAs you can see from the name, the app is a member of Google app family, responsible for taking notes that gives a possibility to create lists and notes, share links and set reminders so you will miss any important event. Also there is a possibility to store and share links or photos taken from other apps. The possibilities to set reminders are also enhanced: it is not limited by date or time, you can also get a reminder when you come to certain location: for example, about coupons you have or about the possibility to spend cash instead of a card.

It is really convenient to make shopping lists or any other to-do list with help of this app. More than that, you can pin a photo or a voice record to a note. One of the main advantages of the app is that it is a Google app – so it will sync all your notes on all devices that have an access to your Google account. And the organization of notes is convenient thanks to different colors that you can select for each note.

ColorNote Notepad

ColorNote NotepadThis app was created with the same idea in mind – to find convenient and easy way to take notes, however, it is simpler than the Google app. With its help you can create notes, lists, write memos and emails, organize all notes with help of colors (just like Google app does).

The benefit of ColorNote is that it works as a widget also – it places a  note on the screen of the device so the reminder always comes into view and you will not miss it. The widget doesn't need a lot of space so there is no need to run an app to see the reminder.

To-do or shopping list function is also convenient, as you can mark completed points of the list. There is a possibility to save the notes to the cloud so thus you will be able to get access to them via different devices. Notes are also shareable through SMS, email and Twitter.