Who does not love a good old success story, especially in the field of modern technologies? For sure we do like such curious cases, and we want to speak about Pebble Watch device and their Kickstarter campaign that literally boomed the smart watch market. It was not long ago that Pebble started and crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, a great resource for all the dreamers out there. The initial goal was to attract attention to their future device to come, and to get some money to spend on development process and future customer service to all those who would buy the watch.

The initial goal of the company was to get $500.000, but for the moment of the campaign ending they had something like $20 million, and the total amount of pre-orders equaling about 275.000 to go. Add here a pretty good customer response they had from Best Buy, and you will see why we call their campaign a real sensation.

If it is not a modern marketing wonder, we are not sure how to call such situation. With the Apple iWatch being actively marketed, the struggle for a Pebble as a company with (obviously) less popular name and reputation, was a real thing, and it is a wonderful thing that they managed to stand on their ground in this competition.

For quite a long time after the campaign was completed, Pebble was working on all the shipping as long as it is essential that everyone who helped the wonder to take place gets their own device they demanded. Another important task they are still working on is building a Pebble SDK community that would consist of mainly third-party developers to support the device and all the app it would be offering to clients.

Even though Pebble watch is not the first one on the market – there is a watch Sony announced, as well as good old giant Apple and their iWatch, we believe that in the long run it would be useful for all the players to feel the competition. Hopefully, that would result in some high-quality devices.