Virtual Reality conquers the world: this year was marked by the massive launch of VR headsets: the Oculus Rift, Gear VR produced by Samsung, HTC Vive, OSVR etc.
The abbreviation OSVR means Open Source Virtual Reality and it was created from scratch in order to unite the gaming community together. And OSVR is a talking point today.

OSVR HeadsetsAll hardware, software plugins, APIs, development kit and the whole platform of the gadget is open source, meaning that anyone can look through the code of the software. Google’s Project Ara Module Development Kit was taken as a basis for modelling of the dev kit of the OSVR.

That is why OSVR has gained a huge popularity in the sphere where all source systems are hidden and need strict licensing. As a result, the gadget with the whole combination of software and hardware has received the set of advantages, including new partners who don’t have to negotiate and meet face to face in order to conclude contracts. The same way of work is used by Android that cooperates the same way with the smaller OEMs.  As in the situation of Android, the development kit has an owner and producer – Razer company, that is also well-known brand in the sphere of accessories and programs of open source development.
Today top-of-the-range provider of great software and Leap Motion, unquestionable leader of providing 3D gesture controls  to devices like HP laptops or keyboards combined their efforts to create something incredible.

Technology of 3D gesture controls provided by Leap Motion allows the device to recognize hands of the player and after information processing it will place models of user’s hands accurately repeating all moves user is doing in real time mode. The Leap Motion module that uses the dev kit can be purchased as a separate unit that can be attached on the OSVR.
This summer we will see how that module is going to work, and the possibility to use the module separately already become a distinctive feature of the OSVR, separating it from HTC Valve that has common hand tracking technology.