Even though Internet is winning the most of our time, it is still essential to have a TV in order the whole family has the good time together at the screen. There are a lot of TV packages and companies you may consider choosing – here you should follow your personal needs and interests, as well as shows and movies tastes and prefers. Bell Media’s CraveTV is one of the numerous options to choose from, and it is fair to stay Crave stands somewhere around Rogers and Shaw’s shomi and Netflix, with a couple of differences.

The average cost of Bell Media’s CraveTV is about $4 a month and for this price you get unlimited viewing of the whole content available. Unlike other distributors CraveTV offer you the whole HBO’s catalogs with such series as ‘Sex and the City’, ‘Sopranos’, and shows that are sort of exclusive for the moment – all this sounds like a huge pros for CraveTV. However, there are some restrictions that most people perceive as the reasons to opt for Netflix or else. That is, to get CraveTV access you have to already be a subscriber to regular Bell TV or their partnered services.

Those features we mentioned as bonuses were recently the reason for the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and the Consumer’s Association of Canada (CAC) to question the legality of hooking the streaming services to other broadcasting services. Not sure if it was an answer to their applications, but Bell announces about adding four additional distributors that would work for their needs – Access Communications, Cable Cable, Nexicom and Northwestel. This for sure broadens the opportunities for subscribers and gives them more choice of TVs in their area without the obligatory change of subscription terms.

The president of the company says their mission is to become available for as many viewers as they can no regards of the devices they prefer for watching TV.