The principle is old as the world itself – if you don’t know how to make something, or you don’t have a chance and desire to spend time on accomplishing this task, you should better delegate it to appropriate specialists. Outsourcing management and apps and programs that make this process easy and accessible are a simple and effective way to make things done, no matter if you are buying or selling services.

But in case you are a seller, some of the new Fiverr features will be really useful for you to build communication with clients and earn good money. If you are not familiar with the idea of Fiverr, here is a little note on how it works. In fact, it is nothing more than a microtask marketplace where people can buy and sell all kinds of services (you will be surprised by all the stuff people offer there), and it only cost 5$.

For this amount a person can get website design done, or a have a logo created for his company. You can as well learn something from sellers – some people at Fiverr are ready to teach you about cooking or knitting. An app for the service was first launched in December 2013 for iOS, and it also became available for Android in March 2014, presenting the big part of the functions that are available in web version, from the part of the buyer.

The new updates went first on Android, for a change, and later for all iOS owners. In this one they mostly focused on the service use for sellers. Thanks to the changes you will finally be able to create and edit your gigs, as well as send them to buyers directly – it is very different from the previous version of Fiverr app where you could only look through gigs already existing.

Another great feature in new update of Fiverr is the opportunity to check and constantly monitoring all the revenues and withdrawals within the app. That means you are saving much time on using other applications. The first reviews on the update show freelancers are welcoming the idea of active messaging between buying and sellers.

Even if you have never used Fiverr app before, trying never killed anyone – who knows, may be it will become your part-time money source!