With today’s technologies and opportunities that they provide groups and singer much more chances to please their fans and promote their albums on much more profitable terms. One of the demonstrative cases of the last months was a promotions campaign that Jay-Z had with Samsung. The project that at first was a great deal for both the company and the famous rapper turned to be a not-so-good idea in the world of technologies that can be lagging or crushing.

So, in the middle of this summer Jay-Z, one of the most famous rappers in music world of today, had an album to be released. Taking into consideration the good deal the Samsung was offering, Jay-Z decided to sell a million copies of his yet-to-come ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ album to the mobile company before it was actually released. The plan was to allow all the rapper’s fans who are as well Samsung Galaxy owners have an access to a new album a couple days before the official release. Sounds like a great way to cherish all the fans for a wise amount of money? Yes, in a perfect world.

How the situation went in reality is the reason why Jay-Z is talking about being disappointed by Samsung. As it was planned, all the Samsung Galaxy owners (who are Jay-Z fans) had to download a special app that at the midnight of June 24th would unlock the access to the album.

What they got in reality? On the signed day and time there were so many fans being online and trying to get their free access to ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ album that the app and its servers were crushing all the time, and the great idea turned into a mess. Jay-Z himself was one of those who did not sleep that night, and he claims it I not about the money he is upset, but about his fans.

He (and we as well) hope that soon such mechanism of launches will become much more stable and pleasurable for all music fans, and we will really get a chance to get favorite music without any troubles.