Continuing the tradition, rumors are spread that HTC Butterfly 3, the successor of HTC Butterfly 2, will be available in three colors: red, white and blue at the Japanese market. Despite the fact that anything is known about the technical characteristics, or design peculiarities of the third generation of HTC Butterfly, experts believe that the Japanese KDDI carrier will be able to sell the model even before it will be revealed to other Asian countries.

The only thing we can do is to make predictions with a foundation of the differences between HTC One M8 and forerunner of Butterfly 3. There is good reason to believe that the third Butterfly will resemble improved version of HTC One M9. There is no possibility to predict, what material will be used for the new flagship of Butterfly series, because One M8 has a metal carcass and the previous Butterfly is made of polycarbonate together with water and dust protection.

HTC Butterfly 3Judging from the usage of Snapdragon 810 processor, the third Butterfly will probably be using the same of slightly improved version of processor. However, there is also a possibility that HTC will use completely different processor with better performance.

The memory of the device is expected to be no less than 3 GB and internal storage will be extended to 32 GB. Users will have a possibility to add even more gigabytes of the memory with help of the SD cards – unlikely the Apple, the company that has managed to refuse from usage of SD cards, HTC proposes such opportunity. 

The display of the device are unlikely to be changed, taking into consideration the stable characteristics of the One M9 – it is 5 inch and 1080 display.

The battery life is will also change, but just a little.

The 2014 HTC One M8 and Butterfly have one crucial difference – a camera. Butterfly  2 appeared had a dual 13MP cameras, HTC One M9 – with  one 21MP camera.