During the last couple years Huawei was one of the most interesting mobile companies that beace a big player on the mobile tech market. During year 2014 and 2015 this Chinese giant made some major changes in the whole industry, even more - they have added to the notion of modern smartphone and to the Android OS in general. After some mistakes they've learned how to make premium-looking phones that have excellent UI. As to the finances - the results of the sells were even more than expected, and it is well seen that the copany's ambitions are growing even faster. Both fans of the Huawei and simply people who adore technologies are looking forward to the new products and offerings they promise to prepare for the following years.

Even though this smartphone OEM is already presented all over the world, the reports show Huawei is planning on expanding their market and sell more products and handsets. This is especially true for the countries where the sells were at the low level due to various reasons. One of the expected strategies this Chinese company is going to use are contracts with various companies and organizations - one of the examples is the agreement they used to work on with Club America (which is a football and soccer club).
This one is in fact a good illustration of the Huawei strategy of expanding the already existing market - as long as the contract was signed for three years, there is a chance of new Club America's Huawei smartphones to come to the market. Besides from the Club America they also work with Galatasaray, AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, the national team of Russia and Paris Sait Germain, and these contracts are pretty productive as well.
For the end of 2015 Huawei is the top mobile tech manufacturer, and we are curious to see their results for the next year – they promise to present something big, and we are waiting for new products to please our technology-loving hearts!