The Wall Street Journal is well-known for its special coverages that cover many interesting and sometimes shocking news. This one discusses the connections of Google and the Obama Administration – it is clear that these two groups have contacts, however, no one realized how close those contacts are.

TGoogle toolshe detailed info concerning visitors’ of the White House logs and emails fell in hands of the journalists of the Wall Street Journal. And it became clear that Google's policy makers and key staff members (Eric Schmidt, for instance) visited Administration representatives 230 times over last 4 years – to put it more bluntly, once every week. It is also necessary to highlight that several meetings of key members and Obama officials took place before the FTC came to a settlement with Google in 2012. As the result of that FTC and Google avoided the situation that occurred with Microsoft 20 years ago – the biggest antitrust lawsuit with the Justice Department took place then.

The documents of the logs and emails cannot, of course, show the matter of discussion of that meetings concerning FTC, still the FTC highlight that the company remains independent regulatory agency and the White House holds aloof from the situation declaring they cannot discuss issues connected to the regulatory enforcement. Still, it is clear that Google today became an administrative resource, that is why they were able to win the antitrust investigation in 2012.

The only company that has quite the same amount of power in the White House is Comcast. The members of Comcast team visited Obama Administration 20 times last few years – however, it is hard to compare it with 230 Google’s times.

Former employees of Google now work at the White House - Megan Smith, for example, who is now Obama’s Chief Technology Officer.

It is possible to make a conclusion that Google will always know when they will face another antitrust lawsuit and they will have enough time to lobby that.