Safety is one of top concerns for everyone. Be it for you or your kids and family, it is a natural instinct. And thanks to the modern technologies and advancements, you can also make your car trips a safer experience. Texting and Internet surfing are the two worst habits any driver can have. And whilst most adults believe these are teens’ driving sins, statistics show we all tend to get distracted while being behind the wheel.

Facts tell us that nearly 500, 000 people were injured in car accidents that involved distracted drivers. Hopefully, there are some great apps to help you drive safer. It does not mean you can turn these apps on and sit back – none of the apps would do the driving for you. But they would surely help every driver with fighting a strong temptation of texting or e-mailing. No more dangerous distractions - if you want your teen kid to become a responsible and concentrated driver, be sure to try the following applications.

1.     TextArrest

Apps for Safe DrivingThis is the safe driving apps that do the simple and effective thing. The app uses the smartphone’s sensors. And the best feature TextArrest has is actually blocking the phone screen while your car is moving faster than 5mph. No emails and texts can be read or sent while car is on the go.

The app has both free and advanced version for Android devices.

2.     SafeDriver

No, this app is not packed with numerous options either. It blocks the SMS and emails. But the best thing about the SafeDriver app is the option of setting regular parents alerts for every time your kid is exceeding a speed and breaking the rules. It also offers the driver himself to look at each road trip report afterwards to see and learn all the mistakes.

Both basic and pro versions are available for iOS devices.


In case you want your kid to still get his messages while driving, but not to be distracted by them, try app. It keeps the driver focused as it reads the incoming messages outloud. After that it sends an automatic reply saying the person is currently on the road and he will reply later.

The app would also be the good option for busy people who want to be aware of every message they are getting. app is available for all smartphones, and it has pro and family plans for the better investment.

4.     ZoomSafer

This app is widely criticized by employees as developers offer a version of it for corporate users to ensure safe driving for their staff. But when it comes to making sure your teen kid is not using his phone while being on the road ZoomSager is working well. It blocks the cell phone activity – there would be no texting, sending emails or using social media when the car is moving.

ZoomSafer is the paid app for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

5.     Steer Clear Mobile

Let’s forget about texting while driving for a moment. Steer Clear Mobile app is there for all the young drivers who are not feeling their best on the road yet. The most peculiar thing about the app is logging all the details like mileage and driving time. This allows kids looking through the information and measuring their driving skills progress. Also, it can help becoming eligible for State Farm Insurance discounts. And discounts are always good, right?

This free app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The Bottom Line

Here you have five basic applications for securing your teen kid’s driving in all the different ways. It is for you to decide whether you will need all of them or not. But be sure to discuss safety issues with your young driver despite the app you would use for helping him.