For the last couple years the wearable technology has become a great thing for every modern person to have, and obviously it became one of the main resources of profit for technology making companies, and the most respectable ones are not trying to win the market, adding more to their wearables before their rivals do, as well as trying to convince more and more people in opting for wearables.

The LG G Watch had been presented to public couple years ago, and since then Android Wear is being shipped all over the world – it was actually a number of 720,000 Android Watches in 2014. But even though it might seem like a good start, the main trick for mobile technology makers is not actually creating a good smart watch, a great number of watches, but to convince people that they need it and that what they already have is not the finest anymore and they need to replace it with a more pricey thing. Obviously that not all the 720,000 watches were immediately sold out that year.

Most people who talk about the possible success or failure of the wearable technologies fail to understand that smart watch is a completely new technology. And since mobile phones became popular explaining the need of not only a watch (that would show time just like a phone will do), but a watch with a screen where you can look through text messages when it is more convenient to be done on your phone screen is pretty hard. In fact, even people who admit that smart phones are more convenient and useful than ordinary ones are still doubting the need or wearing a smart watch.

Besides from being a stylish accessory, smart watch will serve as the additional technical means. There would be more software and hardware being released in the following years, and those who love being different would enjoy the exclusive look to their digital accessories. And with the apps they promise to adapt for wearables, watches would make a good company with any smartphone.