No matter how hard they try to convince us they would concentrate on just couple things to create, companies would still release a little more to the promised so that they have more money, and also to please their buyers with cool new stuff. This fact is true for Samsung as well, and even though they promised to cut down the amount of products they would release, we still get more and more new about the new products they will soon be offering to public. And the new handset was also one of them.

This device has quickly stepped ahead of the usual identification system of the four core smartphones. In fact, the SM-J100H handset can become a real competitor for the Lumia 535SM-J100H, as well as for the whole middle class Galaxy lineup. The model we are taking about (which is in fact a J-Level device) has a 4.3-inch display with 480x800 pixels resolution, a Cortex-A7 processor working at 2 cores and 1.2 GHz frequency. RAM-memory is 512 MB, and at the moment of the release it had the 4.4.x (KitKat) Android operating system.

Functional features

The Samsung SM-J100H has the main 5-megapixel camera that is able of shooting video (1080p), and there is also the front camera with 2 Mpx resolution. It is noteworthy that the cameras have autofocus that concentrates on objects and people. The built in memory (4 GB) can easily be expanded to 32 GB.

This top-end device has enough place for all applications on the Java: MP3 / WAV / eAAC, simple editor for the photo/video stuff, software for viewing documents (document viewer), and you can as well install whatever apps you need for comfortable phone usage.

Li-Ion battery is designed for 1850 mAh, which guarantees you a long life of the device. We must say the device is generally competes with others on the market, but there lots of other OEMs around the world that are ready to win the market.