It is well known today that the multiplatform apps give developers a lot more headache to cope with but also provides a much broader target audience to work with. Anyways, making an app work perfectly on all the modern OS can be a really intriguing process that will surely take a great amount of time and knowledge from developers, designers and the whole project team. And there are way too many stories about failures in the field of multiplatforming.

BlackBerry is one of the big players out there in the market, and they are constantly improving their services and products to gain a bigger audience and to make easy communication available for everyone. But Blackberry’s first attempt to make their BBM available for Android and iOS users was pretty much a failure. But the Canadian company is not falling into despair and announced they are as well targeting desktops!

The BBM Windows version was announced at the BlackBerry Jam Asia, and was a great surprise. The design of the client is pretty much classic for a desktop messenger, but you will surely recognize BlackBerry 10’ menu bar style and buttons. The BBM version for Mac was to shown yet, but taking into account the company plans it would surely be presented.

The principle of the messenger work is simple – if you use it from the desktop, you are creating a so-called virtual bridge between computer and mobile phone, and the messages still go through your phone.

In case the desktop BBM would be successful, it will successfully compete with other popular messengers like WhatsApp, and taking into account that the latter is now only available for mobile devices, the struggle is real! And when the iOS and Android versions of BBM would be polished and all their problems will be fixed, there would be a great chance for users to get a universal message for all their devices at the same time.