Android, iOS and Windows OS News and Updates

Today it seems that every child over (and sometimes under!)13 has a profile in the social media. However, with creation of the page in social media kids don’t receive a set of rules of correct behavior in the Internet. So it is parents’ responsibility to explain and protect children from possible dangerous of social media as with certain obvious benefits of social media it is also hunting lands of cyberbullies and online predators.

For sure, technologies have made our life much easier and convenient than it used to be some fifteen to twenty years ago. One of the things mobile devices made easier is keeping the lists of tasks you have to accomplish and keep in memory, and rather than taking it down in a moleskin or notebook you can choose an app for your device and have everything there.There are plenty of todo apps for Android out there in the market (as well as for iOS), but one of the most popular and cherished is Todoist.

It is well known today that the multiplatform apps give developers a lot more headache to cope with but also provides a much broader target audience to work with. Anyways, making an app work perfectly on all the modern OS can be a really intriguing process that will surely take a great amount of time and knowledge from developers, designers and the whole project team. And there are way too many stories about failures in the field of multiplatforming.

The fall season was, as always, full of surprises and interviews that announced the future novelties and products to look forward to the next year to come. Samsung company was not the exception this autumn and beside from other good things they have announced a Galaxy S5 and revealed some basic information about this smartphone which are in fact pretty exciting. So, prepare to soon meet and love even though it is not released yet – Samsung Galaxy S5!

With today’s technologies and opportunities that they provide groups and singer much more chances to please their fans and promote their albums on much more profitable terms. One of the demonstrative cases of the last months was a promotions campaign that Jay-Z had with Samsung. The project that at first was a great deal for both the company and the famous rapper turned to be a not-so-good idea in the world of technologies that can be lagging or crushing.

Who does not love a good old success story, especially in the field of modern technologies? For sure we do like such curious cases, and we want to speak about Pebble Watch device and their Kickstarter campaign that literally boomed the smart watch market. It was not long ago that Pebble started and crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter, a great resource for all the dreamers out there. The initial goal was to attract attention to their future device to come, and to get some money to spend on development process and future customer service to all those who would buy the watch.

If you look at the modern finances and technologies, it would be hard to find another tech success story that would boom so much thanks to Kickstarter. Thanks to this money gathering platform today we have plenty of initiatives that would have never been realized the other way. Those are mostly social projects, yet there are a lot of other cool ideas people are seeking money for realization. But a success story of Pebble Watch is one of the notable ones when we talk about technologies.

Seems like it was not long ago that Algoriddim, a famous developer of the cool and handy Djay app that was popular among all music lovers, have announced the sequel to its creation. Pretty obvious, but it has the name ‘Djay 2’ and there were pretty much no additional information being told to public – just a fact that this new app is actually being developed and that it would work both on iPads and iPhones. Needless to say it was cruel thing to do, but hopefully fans are happy now, as the app is released and is pretty successful for the moment.

One of the biggest and the most discussed topics in Android market of modern time is the problem of fragmentation of devices, but it is really that important and crucial thing to discuss it? For sure, it is true that there is only 5% of the entire number of people using Android are on its latest version. Also, there are about 900 million of devices at the market and about million and a half being activated every day.

If you like spending time playing cool games, you definitely should not skip a chance to play Android Please Stay Calm (which is from Mobage). It is a great combination of good old zombie titles and location based game, and it is pretty awesome. Even if you are not really into zombie apocalypse, you should try this one and you will get excited (and especially if you are curious about this particular scenario). And here is what you will do in the game.