Android, iOS and Windows OS News and Updates

ASUS company has pioneered the handheld computers, but it did not help it to make a smooth transition to creating smartphones. For some time the manufacturer took a break, but only to return with a new strategy of conquering the market of smart phones. They reasonably decided that it is better to start with the price, but do it with an eye on functionality.

For the last couple years the wearable technology has become a great thing for every modern person to have, and obviously it became one of the main resources of profit for technology making companies, and the most respectable ones are not trying to win the market, adding more to their wearables before their rivals do, as well as trying to convince more and more people in opting for wearables.

During the last couple years Huawei was one of the most interesting mobile companies that beace a big player on the mobile tech market. During year 2014 and 2015 this Chinese giant made some major changes in the whole industry, even more - they have added to the notion of modern smartphone and to the Android OS in general. After some mistakes they've learned how to make premium-looking phones that have excellent UI. As to the finances - the results of the sells were even more than expected, and it is well seen that the copany's ambitions are growing even faster. Both fans of the Huawei and simply people who adore technologies are looking forward to the new products and offerings they promise to prepare for the following years.

Even though Internet is winning the most of our time, it is still essential to have a TV in order the whole family has the good time together at the screen. There are a lot of TV packages and companies you may consider choosing – here you should follow your personal needs and interests, as well as shows and movies tastes and prefers. Bell Media’s CraveTV is one of the numerous options to choose from, and it is fair to stay Crave stands somewhere around Rogers and Shaw’s shomi and Netflix, with a couple of differences.

No matter how hard they try to convince us they would concentrate on just couple things to create, companies would still release a little more to the promised so that they have more money, and also to please their buyers with cool new stuff. This fact is true for Samsung as well, and even though they promised to cut down the amount of products they would release, we still get more and more new about the new products they will soon be offering to public. And the new handset was also one of them.

Today the smartphone market has a great variety of devices to choose from, and it is not long ago that a new model appeared to the public. We are talking about Blu Studio 7.0, a creation of famous American company, and they actually boasted about 7.0 being is the first smartphone on the market with such a diagonal of display. For sure, there were products with the option of calling to mobile phones released earlier, but no one ever called it smartphones – those were tablets and phablets, not smartphones. This technical novelty has a high quality display, interesting design and the filling which is quite acceptable for the modern users.

At the beginning of the year 2015 in addition to the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung also unveiled some of its new smartphones at MWC in Barcelona. The mid-range Samsung Galaxy E7 is more affordable than the version of the Galaxy A7, which appeared earlier. We had a chance to spend a few minutes with the Galaxy E7 and so here are our initial impressions on the device.

Today there are dozens if not hundreds of smartphone manufacturers all over the world. The products of the BLU company are already well known for their inexpensive and at the same time very decent quality of smartphones. It is not long ago that devices with 7-inch display were believed to belong to a class tablet computers, but BLU has decided that this is the ideal diagonal for smartphone. The company recently released a new device with a 7-inch display, which however is not a tablet. BLU Studio 7.0 is the ordinary (at least it pretends to be one) Android-smartphone, just a very big one.

One of the indisputable advantages of the Android operating system is the ability to use third-party solutions for literally any part of the OS, whether the dialer, address book, application for sending SMS-messages or keyboard. If you are a devoted Android user, you are probably familiar with Fleksy Keyboard and all the features it provides really changing the experience of mobile device usage. For quite some time Fleksy is bettering their application, but the last update they had released recently enough (it is the 5.0 version of it now) is literally the new word in third party keyboards.

The principle is old as the world itself – if you don’t know how to make something, or you don’t have a chance and desire to spend time on accomplishing this task, you should better delegate it to appropriate specialists. Outsourcing management and apps and programs that make this process easy and accessible are a simple and effective way to make things done, no matter if you are buying or selling services.